A Miraculous Opportunity! (Dragon Age The Last Court Narration GamePlay)

Empark on a new quest to reclaim Serault’s name, prepare for the Divine’s arrival: Follow Binky LaSerre on this first Market Day for this miraculous opportunity. Then, we earn favours, lots of favours, from various people. We also go hunting. And in Part 3, there is more hunting, always a good idea, more favours, always a better idea, and we also earn ourselves a Lover, woooh, the best idea.

Voices, accents, sound effects and narration by me.

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A Miraculous Opportunity on Market Day 1 (Dragon Age The Last Court Gameplay Part 1)

Earning Favours & Hunting (Dragon Age The Last Court Gameplay Part 2)

Hunting, Favours & A Lover (Dragon Age The Last Court Gameplay Part 3)

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