Elaaden: A New World, New Tuchanka, Vault, Architect & Drack’s mission (Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay)

Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay takes us to Elaaden this week for A New World, and New Tuchanka with all the Krogan there to try to gain their allegiance. We also deal with the Vault and Architect on the planet, as well as earn Drack’s loyalty through his loyalty mission.

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Elaaden: A New World (Monoliths & Remnants) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 55)

Elaaden Monolith Impossible Jump in Real Time (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 56)

New Tuchanka on Elaaden Part 2 (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 57)

Nackmor Drack: The Future of Our People (Loyalty Mission) (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 58)

Remnant Ship & Drive Core, Turian Ark, Monoliths (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 59)

Elaaden Vault, Outpost, Architect (Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Part 60)

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