Commercial Videos & Multimedia (Updated Services)

I fused together Commercial vids and Multimedia and removed demo videos, since it’s simpler for me this way. Here are all the details as are listed on my website.

Bringing Vision to Life

Showcasing To & For Your Market

Whether you desire reaching out to an audience or to clients and customers, your personal brand or business has a unique message, unique goals, and a unique outreach. Together, we can bring forward those goals, messages and that outreach, and encapsulate it into the Multimedia Video that you need in order to attract the desired clients and customers and audience or send out the message you need to grow your personal brand or business.


When it comes to Commercial Videos, Binky Productions is adaptable according to your product’s/service’s needs. Be it you require a montage of images and recorded screens, a spokesperson that explain your product/service with some showcasing, or a narrative scenario that highlights your product/service, Binky Productions is the place for you.

Located in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), we provide FULL production for Commercial Videos. From putting your ideas and requirements down on paper and developing them, to filming and editing your Commercial. You will also receive all necessary video formats to market your product/service with ease.

Same as with any multimedia video for any personal brand, Binky Productions will conceptualize with you and then film and edit your video according to your needs and wants, in a way that will give your audience, clients and customers, what they need as well.

You can view some Commercial Videos that we’ve done here.

You can also view other Multimedia gigs from previous years here.

We will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for your project. Simply send your query to:

Based in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions can only offer this service outside the region if it’s mainly for post-production (editing).

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Binky Productions is a video production company that produces Films, Commercial Videos and Multimedia for artists. Binky Ink is the writing division for freelance and fiction writing, as well as screenplay formatting. Celinka Serre is also a YouTuber for Dragon Age gaming, and Green Healing for alternative and natural healing from abuse. View all posts by binkyproductions

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