My Contribution for The Muse Project

If you weren’t already aware, there is a more recent “member” on Steemit called The Muse Project (@museproject). I write “member” in quotations because it is a group made up of some of Steemit’s lovely ladies. Its five founding members are: @ogc@lindseylambz@everlove@saramillerand @coruscate.

I first heard of Muse Project through @coruscate and so I checked it out. Their mission reads: “Enlightening and empowering women in the blockchain and beyond.


When I heard they were recruiting Guest Writers, I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in, something I wanted to give of myself to, something I wanted to contribute towards. When I write or make videos for my healing journey, my slogan is: “Empower yourself and be emotionally free.” My goals in this way align with the goals at Muse Project.

I am very happy to be a part of this new movement as a Guest Writer. My first post for Muse received an overwhelming amount of support and positive vibes from readers. I am very grateful to be so well received and appreciated by Muse Project and its readers.

My goal as a Guest Writer for the Muse Project is to contribute a post every week if I can. Sometimes it might be a but less, and I want to share what I believe will help others. What I will share at Muse will be exclusive. Granted some of the topics I talk about might overlap with some of my own posts in regards to abuse and healing, but it will all come from the heart and, hopefully, help move everyone towards self-empowerment.

So, if you’re not already on Steemit, join the Community (everyone there is so wonderful) and go give Muse a Follow @museproject. And the ladies who founded it too 🙂 And thank you again everyone for all the love and support.

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