Tiamat’s Burning Betrayal – Part 2

The second part of this Character Backstory Scene is now up on the site!

“Shadereth ran across the alliance halls, trying to find his brother. An alarm was going off, informing all that the alliance had been infiltrated by the enemy. Sith, Jedi and Zakuulan alike went to arms, but no threat had entered…yet.

Shayder sat at the canteen, boasting about his winning to a drunken crowd of onlookers. His comm chimed in, there was interference going through the comm channel and he couldn’t understand what his brother was trying to tell him.
     ‘Come again, Shadereth?’
     Since their recent reunion, they would get together as much as possible and catch up, swap stories, Republic versus Empire, trying to convince the other why the other faction was better for them and justifying their decisions throughout their careers on either side. Ultimately, though, none of that mattered anymore. Rosiet was their leader, Jedi or not, she was fair and sought for both Republic and Empire to someday join forces.

      Shayder tried the comm again, calling his brother this time, but before he could do anything else, he was pinned down, his head bouncing on the table. Someone was trying to knock him out. He let himself slip under the table and flipped it. He crouched behind it as everyone around screamed and scurried away.”

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