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There are things love cannot mend.

After being ”sequestered” for a few years, while the film was being submitted to contests and festivals, it is now time to release BROKEN to the public for viewing.

The FULL film is now available on BinkyProd’s new YouTube channel, dedicated to our films and only our films. And the best part is, it’s completely FREE. Of course, we invite you to make a voluntary contribution if you wish, which you can do via our website’s main page (

A Tragedy written, directed and produced by Celinka Serre. Starring Helena Marie Patte, Gian Carlo Bono, Nicholas B. York and S.R. Stevens. Music by Lana Palmer.

Filmed in 2009, in SD video, this film was a great learning experience as we experienced some technical issues, mostly in audio. ADR and sound cleaning made these problems go from bad to decent. Music helped as well, as you will hear, and I’m sure you’ll agree the score is wonderful. A great cast and crew made the experience memorable. Completed in 2012, the film’s total budget is of 10K CAD.

So without further ado, I bid you all watch and enjoy BROKEN.

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