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The Web Series you’ll watch while compiling.

Produced 2011-2014.

Several coworkers seek a way to ensure that they compile more and code less so that they can have more free time, while their boss looks to find a way to downright eliminate compiling time. A series of short comedic videos, offers unique programmer humour and a unique perspective into the office life and home life of a programmer.

Frank is a Team Lead programmer, whose team strives to complete their work well but quickly so that they can have spare time while their code is compiling, while at the same time, looking for ways to become more efficient when actually working. From magic spells, to sniffing smoked beer, their goal is simple: compile more, play more, and still deliver the best. However, their efforts are thwarted by their boss, who is constantly looking for ways to eliminate compiling time altogether. Things become even more complicated when Frank’s son, Brian, begins to show signs of being a genius programmer and hacker. Furthermore, when a strange vendor arrives with the solution to eliminate all compiling time for good, the programmers must find a way to keep a close eye on this character, while making sure this so-called solution never finds its way to their boss.


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General Credits:

Producer François St-Maurice

Directed and Edited by Celinka Serre

Writers François St-Maurice, Celinka Serre, Jonathan Poirier, Sydney Roc

Lighting Designer and Multi Crew Vincent Hudon

Audio Post-Production with Joe Barrucco at TimeLine Audio

General Cast:

Chris the Vendor – Christopher Cuellar

Brian – Raphaël Roberge

Boss – Sydney Roc

Wife – Celinka Serre

Private Investigator – Micheline Chartier


Frank – François St-Maurice

Jo – Jonathan Poirier

Karl – Karl Bessette

Pier-Luc (PLCT, Trigger) – Pier-Luc Comeau-Tremblay

F.N.G. – Philippe Lavigne

Louis – Louis Allard

Max – Maxime Bélanger

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