DIY and Tutorials

How to Make Your Own DIY Sound Effects List

Here are some DIY videos and Tutorial videos that Binky Productions has made.

How To Edit in Lightworks for Gameplay & YouTube

Here is a brief tutorial for the open source and free video editing software for PC, which is good for gameplay footage, short videos, and YouTube video content.

DIY Sound Effects List

Here is a detailed explanation on how to create your very own SFX list, which is half the sound design, for films, videos, multimedia, and even good for YouTube.

Script Formatting Tips

A basic view on how to easily format a professional looking screenplay using Microsoft Word.


Need a video produced by Binky Productions? Got a commercial you need doing for your business? Or you want some video post-production (color-correction, DVD Authoring, etc.) done on your own film or multimedia video? We’re just an e-mail away to giving you a quote for a service well done at an affordable rate that will fit your budgetal needs. Binky is sure to deliver what you need!

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