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To what depths of despair can betrayal and revenge lead?

Produced 2004-2005.

An independent short film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’. This is the very first film produced by Binky Productions. Despite all its amateur flaws, it is still a gem, as it gave birth to more professional productions.

Images pieced together accompanying a classical musical piece tell the story of Telmah, the Prince who has seen the ghost of his father. Past and future interweave as the story unfolds: the murder of Hamlet’s father, the betrayal of his mother and his uncle, the loss of Ophelia, the loyalty of Horatio and the anger of Leartes. A fight scene transposed with a dance scene and voice-over reflect the inner struggles of Telmah.

43-O Most Pernicious Woman   42-A Phantom Father   63-Ready To Kill

Val-CoffinBearer-02   49-Look Here Upon This Picture

General Credits:

Directed, Produced and Edited by Celinka Serre

Director of Photography André Bériault

General Cast:

Telmah – Christian Colman

Leartes – Geoffrey Applebaum

Gertrude – Natalya Bronzova

Claudius – Rodolphe Laplace

Ophelia – Celinka Serre

Horatio – Tommy Furino

Ghost – Gabe Kampis

Polonius – Glen Alexander

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