Broken Official Poster

There are some things love cannot mend.

Produced 2009-2012.

An independent short-feature film of 65 mins in duration, “Broken” is a love tragedy, inspired by the format of tragedies of old.

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After seven years apart, Helen and Marrick are reunited, following Marrick’s release from prison, and reignite their relationship. We later learn the reasons to which he was falsely accused when Helen’s father, Jerry, visits the house and a great many secrets are disclosed. However, Marrick mysteriously collapses and Helen is left with more unanswered questions than before. Helen’s world shatters around her when Marrick tells her he is dying of heart disease. Together they struggle for hope that he may yet survive.


H&M scene 20 - 01 copy   Helen scene 17 - 02 copy   Jerry, Marrick, Meredeth scene 17 - 06 copy

H&M scene 24 - 16 copy   M&J scene 25 - 03 copy

General Credits

Written, Directed and Edited by Celinka Serre

Music Composed by Lana Palmer

Director of Photography Chantal Émond-Bouhris

Sound Recordist Hemanth Kashinath

Audio Post-Production with Joe Barrucco and Paramedia Studios

Poster Graphic Design by Marc Larouche

Main Cast

Helen Evans – Helena Marie Patte

Marrick Weller – Giancarlo Bono

Jerry Evans – Nicholas B. York

Meredeth Evans – S. R. Stevens

Young Lawyer – Gabriel Wihl

Dr. Powell – Dustin Ruck

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