A Game Through Time

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History Repeats. Prophecies Provoke. Death Prevails.

 Produced 2005-2006.

An independent experimental long-short film that is a twist on William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Knowing what we know today, that we did not back then, and given the monetary opportunity, we would fix the sound in the film: add in sound effects, clean it decently and remove the music to have music specially composed for the film (with the exception of acquiring certain permissions for select songs), while still keeping its dark and Gothic-medieval aspect. Then we would seek out distribution.

Upon hearing the prophecies of the three witches, Macbeth conceives the desire to become King. In order to gain this power sooner, his wife pursuades him to kill the current ruler, which triggers a series of untoward events. As Macduff, a loyal councilor, seeks to find the truth, Macbeth strives to keep his secrets safe, while the witches play their game of influence, traveling between modern times and medieval times.

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LadyMcB and McB-08   McB and Banquo-01

General Credits:

Screenplay Adaptation and Produced by Celinka Serre and Valérie Séguin

Cinematography, Directed and Edited by Celinka Serre

Camera and Lighting by Mathieu Lefèbvre

General Cast:

 Macbeth – Tommy Furino

 Lady Macbeth – Heidy Medloby

Macduff – Marc Labriola

Banquo – Jod Léveillé

Malcolm – Thomas Malone

Witch of the Past – Valérie Séguin

Witch of the Present – Celinka Serre

Witch of the Future – Denise Paquet

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