Solavellan DAy

Welcome to the Solavellan DAy web page. Here you will find our FAQ, a Prompt List for artists and writers, as well as some fun extras we hope will help inspire you.

Let your inspiration whisk you away. So get crackin’, ’cause we’re egging you on.


What is Solavellan day?

It is a day to celebrate our various relationships with Solas through the creation and sharing of art, writing, memes, gameplay, and more.

When/Where is it? 

The event takes place on April 11th/11th of April 2021 on Twitter, YT, and wherever you would like to share your content. But mostly on Twitter, since most of us will be tweeting what we create and post on other platforms.

How do I get involved?

By using the hashtag #SolavellanDAy on April 11th 2021 when you share your art/fanfic/memes/gameplay/etc, you automatically take part in the event. It is a day to share our creative work and our appreciation of the character. Therefore, you may create any Solas related art, old and new, fan-fiction, gameplay, memes, blog post, analysis, whatever scrambles your egg, specifically to share on April 11th 2021, and then use the hashtag when you do.

Can I do a crossover with another fandom?

We love crossovers! If you want to include some of your other favourite fandoms and create something involving Solas in that realm, or Solas as one of that other realm’s characters, and such, go right ahead. There is so much that can be explored with such crossovers. Let your imagination run wild.

Will this be an annual event?

No. It is realistically not possible to dedicate one day to one character from a world that is filled with many characters who touch our hearts.

I have an idea. Who do I speak to?

You can use the @solavellanDAy page, or contact Vampy (@vee4vampy) or Binky (@BinkyProd) on Twitter.

Why does Solavellan DAy include rival Solas if it’s called Solavellan DAy?

We wanted to include those who have a befriended or rival relationship with Solas, and wished to also take part in the event. This decision was made based on feedback we received from the community. Whether you love him or hate him, you still have a relationship with Solas. The character’s story and personality affects everyone as much as any other DA character. We are not asking you to agree with his actions, that’s your own choice, but we do ask you to respect the community’s choices. It is through our shared love of Dragon Age, and with Solas’s central role in DA4, we chose to include the relationship’s nickname in our celebration day’s name.


We ask that when you use the #SolavellanDAy and you interact with others who are involved, you do so respectfully. We will not tolerate or encourage bullying or toxic behaviour from anyone. Those who do will be blocked. Remember you are also breaching twitters T&C if you choose to do this.

We look forward to everything you create!

Happy Solavellan DAy!

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