Sapphire Prophecies


In short: Originally having begun as a Web Series, now being written and developed as an RPG video game. Still in writing process. Will eventually be looking for a team of writers to join me as well as 3D animation game developers. If interested, you can contact me.

In detail: What started off as a Web-Series is now becoming much more rich and complex, yet the idea seems so much simpler and has been a possibility for a while. We simply finally decided to go ahead with this ”something new” recently.

The script is being adapted and developed into an RPG video game. This new idea seems obvious when considering how much of a gamer Binky is. Binky Productions will be seeking to partner up with Game Developers capable of 3D animation to further develop the project once enough of the outline has been completed. We will need more writers on our team, with Binky as the Lead Writer. As the creator of the project, Binky will seek the expertise and advice of experienced Game Developers in order to bring this project to fruition and will seek an agreement that will benefit and please both parties. What we’ll be looking for in comparison to existing games is something similar to the Dragon Age series in terms of looks and gameplay.

Sapphire Prophecies is Dragon Age meets Fable in Middle-earth. View our indie promo videos for more details and preliminary background and lore. If interested in learning more of what Binky seeks and what role Binky wishes to undertake in the making of this RPG, please contact us at: Thank you.

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“It is told, by the most ancient and revered of Elf Seers, that a day will come when a Mage Seer will overthrow the tyrant Lord. The Prophecy refers to this Seer as the Emerald Eye. Few know of this Seer’s existence and some seek to destroy or control the Emerald Eye. The Prophecy also speaks of a sibling Seer who will help overthrow the tyrant Lord and take the throne and will rule fairly. These prophecies are known as the Sapphire Prophecies. But beware, for another Seer  saw a different fate for the Emerald Eye. A fate of captivity and torment in order to ensure the tyrant Lord gain more power to rule over more lands. This is why the Sapphire Prophecies have been kept secret for many years. And the existence of the Emerald Eye hidden.”

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Here is last year’s video. Relevant for the prophecy that is revealed within.


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First Contributor Bragging Rights: Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival

Vincent Fréchette, Shawn Greene



An Anonymous Contributor.

2014 Promo Credits

Starring: Celinka Serre as Everaine, and Faith Rayah as Lady Andesine.

Featuring: Corey Tomicic as the Elf, and Danny MAlin as the Armoured Man.

Also Featuring: Christopher Cuellar, and François St-Maurice.

Cinematography and Editing: Celinka Serre

Visual Effects: Kevin Straw.

Music: Lana Palmer.

Special Thanks to: David Bénard (swordsmith), Jonathan Poirier, Lucyna Szpak, and Mark Lavigne.

2013 Trailer Credits

Featuring: Celinka Serre as the (Strange Woman), and as herself.

Music composed by: Lana Palmer.

Camera Operators: François St-Maurice, Celinka Serre.

Location Sound: Julie St-Pierre, François St-Maurice.

Gaffer/Gofor/Fire feeder: Louis-Philippe Métivier.

Clapper: Guy Brochu.

Editing: Celinka Serre.

Audio Post-Production: Joe Barrucco.

Special Thanks to: Louis and Renée Métivier.


Copyright 2013 – Sapphire Prophecies © – by Celinka Serre – Binky Productions
Binky Productions is a registered trademark.

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