DVD Authoring

Menus. Chapter Index. Printed disc.

DVD Authoring is perhaps one of the final stages in film production. It can also be a part of an archive of videos or to put together many demo videos of many sorts.


So you want your film presented professionally, with menus that reflect your project, the title visible, perhaps some music in the menus too. You want a chapter index,appropriate images, and perhaps you also want your cover image printed on your DVD disc.

Situated in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions can Author your DVD according to your needs and guide you through the export steps if necessary (for video files that will contain chapter markers if a chapter index is desired) but will convert the files for you.

To find out more and/or for a quote: celinkaserre@protonmail.com.

Software used: DVD Studio Pro & Compressor.

Please note that Binky Productions does not offer Graphic Design services and therefore cannot print a DVD Cover for you. You will need to provide us with your own cover design so we can make the necessary adjustments for print on the DVD disc.

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