Colour-Correction (Color Grading)

Adjust light. Correct Colour. Perfect your video image!

Colour-Correction, also known as Color Grading, is an important part of Video Post-Production. Even with the best lighting equipment on set and a white balance at every shot/angle change, in the final edit of your video or film, each clip’s light and colour will require some adjustment. Making the video image balanced at every shot so the audience eye perceives no changes in light or colour as they watch, is one of the things that we do best. Correcting color and light to perfection!


We don’t stop at video. We have expanded our skill for images as well, using Adobe Photoshop to not only correct colour and light, but to balance out and enhance, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, etc. Learn more about our Photo Editing Services here.

Based in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions also offers this service overseas, using Google Drive to send files.

For more information and/or a quote:

You can view a demo that was done a few years back here.

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