Keelah Se’lai Legion – Preview of N7 Video (Mass Effect Legendary Edition)

"Shepard Commander. Keelah se'lai."
A preview of a piece of a video that I am working on for this year's N7 Day coming November 7th, 2021, involving the Geth Legion. Featuring my Eidahs Shepard from Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
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Protectors of the Force Chapter Six (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Fane opened his eyes and was shocked to see a green figure looming over him, raising a black core lightsaber.  He called his lightsaber to his hand using the Force and shouted out:
            His aqua blade came to life in time to block hers.  Talyc awoke and moved aside, rolling out of bed and reaching for his vibroblade.
            ‘Gentlemen, please, such indecency,’ laughed Jassahmi.  ‘You should probably get dressed, you might lose a few bits otherwise.’  Her laugh became a cackle. 
            Fane shoved her away with the Force.  He didn’t care that he was naked.  His life was in danger; Talyc’s life was in danger.  Jassahmi was going to die and he would make sure of it.
            Jassahmi began to whirl around him with such speed, he could barely follow her.  He channelled some of the power from the Crypt and her movements seemed to slow, though he could tell by how Talyc was frantically waving his vibroblade about that Jassahmi’s movements were still sped up.  Fane attacked the Mirialan from the side, trying to prevent her from reaching Talyc.
            The door burst open and in rushed Shadie, Knarf, Mandalore and a few others.  Blaster fire came flying in, but Jassahmi bounced them back towards the Mandalorians.  Fane kept fighting her and he saw Knarf run back out of the room.  Jassahmi grabbed Talyc with the Force and began choking him.
            ‘You think this is going to hurt me after everything Relsor and Perce did to me, Jassahmi?’ said Talyc.  ‘There’s nothing you can do to me.’
            ‘We’ll just see about that,’ she replied.
            Fane came in and blocked her lightsaber, shoving her again with the Force.  He advanced on her as best he could, but she kept coming back and attacking him with more force than before.  Fane felt himself lift into the air and crash against the wall. 
            Jassahmi pulled Talyc towards her, but he lifted his vibroblade in time to block her lightsaber. The black blade might have been able to go through beskar’gam, but thankfully, the vibrational speed of the vibroblade ensured the vibroblade did not break or bend.
            Shadie and the others tried to get into the fight, but Jassahmi had been trained by Relsor and she used similar tactics to keep them at bay.  No one was getting into that fight, not unless they knew how to keep track of her speedy movements.  Talyc bounced from side to side, dodging this way and that, and rolling this way and that.  Jassahmi was a blur and Fane could see Shadie rub her eyes and blink a few times.
            Fane was the only one able to keep track of Jassahmi’s movements.  Talyc swiped at empty air.  Jassahmi slashed and lunged, nicking Talyc’s arm.
            Talyc gave a cry of pain.  He rolled aside.  ‘At least it’s not the left shoulder.’
            ‘It could be,’ said Jassahmi.  ‘I’m more than happy to oblige.’

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Adding EFT to Pete Walker’s 13 Steps for Emotional Flashbacks – Abuse Healing (Green Healing S4E21)

Pete Walker is a psychotherapist who has made available on his website his 13 Steps to Managing Flashbacks and Emotional Flashbacks for Abuse and Trauma healing. I take these a step further and add EFT Tapping therapy, including affirmations and reframing concepts that may help you along your healing journey from abuse.
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Green Healing's mission is to share knowledge about abuse, and alternative and natural methods of healing the mind and body. Knowledge plays a large part in understanding and thus healing. Through my own personal experience, I have been able to tap into the most inner workings of my mind and body through knowledge, natural and alternative forms of therapy and medicine. Thus I have healed Depression, most of my CPTSD, and am working on overcoming other ailments as well. I hope that by sharing I can help you find your path to emotional freedom as well.

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Perce and Awgro (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Perce is depicted by my in-game SWTOR character Killian, who has a massive three claw scar on the left side of his face. So I have to remove the scare every time, since Perce does not have such a scar.

Here he is gearing up to fight Knarf. He wields his red lightsaber and is summoning lightning at his fingertips. The first version of this image, had Perce on this background simply standing there, and I realised it looked off. So I recorded Killian walking, and simply added the legs on top of the old version, erasing what needed to disappear, adjusting the colour and light as needed. Now he’s walking towards Knarf and looking a lot more imposing than before. I quite like this image.

Perce readies to fight Knarf on Mandalore (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Here Awgro stand on Relsor’s flagship looking out the viewport into space. At first I had forgotten to add the background, so I had space and stars behind Awgro. It looked like he was floating a bit, even with everything else in place. The background makes the whole difference, and where the background is darker, he see the reflection of space better. The goal was to make it look as though we the viewer are outside the ship looking inside at Awgro looking out.

Readers don’t know it yet but Awgro is more than meets the eye and has a very dark secret that is very dangerous for one particular character especially.

Awgro looks out the viewport of Relsor’s flagship (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Protectors of the Force, Story 7 in the Shadie series.

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